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Shop South Australia Campaigns


Our team is always looking for brands to participate in mutually beneficial campaigns and promotions for the growing Shop South Australia audience. Encouraging consumers to choose local and support SA business is at the core of everything we do. If you would like to be contacted about future campaigns and promotions, simply let us know below what you would be interested in participating in. 


“I love being associated with the Brand South Australia campaigns. I believe it helps create extra trust in my brand by being aligned and actively associated with Brand SA… Anything that brings the business to new eyes is beneficial in my opinion.” Charlene Maney, Fleurieu Gifts


“Any campaign is beneficial for the opportunity to expand my business to a wider audience and to an audience that I may not be able to reach with my own resources… The marketing and support by Brand SA was nothing but great. Couldn’t speak more highly of their communication and marketing.” Nicola Blias, ARTIK


“[During the Shop South Australia Christmas campaign period] I had new visits to my shop - 60 all up directly through your website. For me that's quite good!” Anja Jagsch, Anja Jagsch


“It [The Shop South Australia Christmas campaign] was definitely beneficial. The people who ordered from me using the code were all new customers… I’d love to do it again. I always shop local so love the ideas from Brand SA.” Lisa McFarlane, Luna and Luxe


“Beneficial from a brand awareness point of view.” Kyrie Kohlhagen, Kindred Self


"Such a genuine and inclusive campaign and a great platform to build our customer base from. Many of our online orders came with   personalised messages from new customers who were highly engaged with the Shop SA campaign and excited to be supporting SA." Ella Walker, Etikette Candles