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Meet the Marketplace: Small Batch Distilling

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Red Hen Gin Shop SA

Meet Michael Vallelonga, Daniel Vallelonga, Anthony Vallelonga & Luke Page from Small Batch Distilling


Job / day to day tasks: All of us still have our full-time jobs, this is our passion project. We catch up once a week to do a weekly batch, and then again on a Wednesday night for bottling.

Where we started: 2014 in a shed in the western suburbs

What inspired us to start our business? An opportunity to spend time with our brothers and best mate, to make a craft spirit that we love to drink.

Our favourite product is: Red Hen Gin

Why did we choose to operate in South Australia? With all the fantastic food and wines that are created in South Australia, what better place to start a craft distillery.

In ten years time we hope to be…

To have a brand that rivals Coke & Nike! :) 

In 10 years we hope that Red Hen Gin is a recognised brand and our gin is enjoyed by customers across the country.  


Red Hen Gin Shop SA

Red Hen Gin Shop SA