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Meet the Marketplace: Rub A Dub Shrub

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Rub A Dub Shrub


Meet Barbara and Indiana from Rub A Dub Shrub


Types of products we sell: 


We sell cute handmade eco sealed pot plants that are hand stamped with various “plant puns” (we have over 100 different designs)


Job / Day to day tasks:


We paint once or twice a week and have other days dedicated to stamping and visiting our gorgeous wholesalers to pick out the plants. We spend a lot of time sitting at a table making each pot whilst we try and think of new “plant puns”


Where we started: 


We have only be running for 3 months. We started trading in September. We came across the idea for Indiana’s school project & it’s grown organically from there!


We get inspiration from... 


We love to have a joke and our house is always filled with plants and stunning tropical leaves. We also wanted to do a new take on sending flowers. We have professional floral couriers that deliver our hand painted pots. They last longer than flowers & our puns are both funny, inspirational (and sometimes naughty!) - they cater for everyone! We are receiving great feedback so far & people really like the idea of this new concept.


Our top three products are:


There are so many! We do sell a lot of “Keanu leaves” and the inspirational pots like “you grow girl” and “don’t stop beleafing” are quite popular too. We love hearing our customers stories as to who they are sending them too and why! 


Why did we choose to operate within South Australia?


We love Adelaide and are so proud to call this amazing city our home. Buying locally handmade products is what I normally do for friends as we have so many creative markers here. Working together with Shop South Australia fits in with this value and we think it’s a fantastic idea to support all of us local makers. 


In 10 years time we hope to be...


We would like to be delivering interstate. We already post our pots overseas (without the plants) but we’d love to grow our business & maybe even having our own pop up shop! Watch this space!!