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Meet the Marketplace: Kindred Self

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Meet Kyrie Kohlhagen from Kindred Self


Type of product/s I sell:

Kindred Self – it’s all about being kind to yourself. We’ve created a beautiful collection of pure essential oil products designed to nurture, balance and inspire self-care.

Job/day to day tasks:

I have a small multi-purpose studio based by the beach in Grange, South Australia. The building is ever so cute, and I manage to use every last corner of the tiny 5x3m space. I’m an Integrative Counsellor, and also hand craft our essential oil products in small batches, so my day-to-day tasks can vary somewhat.

I try and maintain structure in my day where I can; however wearing multiple hats can sometimes make this impossible! But I do love the variety of what I do, and my diverse workload certainly helps me to grow and extend my capabilities. 

Where I started:

During my mid-thirties, I had the strong inkling that one day I would work in some kind of healing modality. At the time I was a graphic designer so this was quite a different direction for me to take. I have always been interested in psychology and human behavior, and before I knew it I was immersed in full time study, learning all about the psyche, emotional intelligence, and the mind body connection.

What inspired me to start my business?

Kindred Self was created purely from the desire to support and help others, a platform for me to step into the world as a promoter of balance and calm. Our essential oil products are the perfect tool to encourage a little self care, or they can offer support when life throws you a massive curve ball. When I was 30 I was diagnosed with Cancer, and essential oils were the gentle supportive hug that I needed during a very stressful time. It’s in that short moment of smelling something so naturally good, that you are taken to the place where kindness, support, healing and love resides. Aromatherapy at it’s very best!

My top 3 favourite products are:

May I Be Nurtured” Pulse Point Roller – rolled onto the soles of my feet it’s a winner for relaxing in the evenings and to promote a good nights sleep!

 “Frankincense” pure essential oil is one of my most favourite smells in the world. I just love the soulful place I am transported to whenever the fragrance is around me.

May I Be Inspired” pure essential oil blend is my daily ‘go to’ for diffusing in my workspace to help prevent mental fatigue.

Why did I choose to operate in South Australia?

I lived in New Zealand for 10 years and since returning to Adelaide 8 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to rediscover my home state with completely fresh eyes. Living off shore for so long has helped me to truly appreciate the abundant yet laid back life style available here in SA. Adelaide is also the perfect place for small start-ups, especially if you benefit from a bit of old fashioned marketing such as ‘word of mouth’!

In ten years time I hope to be…

Healthy and ready for the next life adventure, no matter what that may be…

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Kindred Self Shop SA

Kindred Self Shop SA