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Meet the Marketplace: Gossip Box

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Meet Ilona Reid from Gossip Box

Type of products I sell:

Gift boxes crammed full of yummy South Aussie treats – NOT cellophane padded hampers  (chocolates, nuts, fudge, toffee, biscuits, dried fruit, crackers etc) Plus locally made candles and more! 

Job / day to day tasks:

Marketing, filling orders, writing gift cards.

Where I started:  

From nothing but a handful of contacts of which loved my idea and were willing to help spread the word about Gossip Box which I’d based at home working around family life.

 What inspired me to start my business? I had a family and couldn’t justify the cost of child care or the fact someone else would raise my children if I went back to full time work.

 My top 3 favourite products are (that I sell): Hmmm … thats a tough one:

  • Quinzi’s - Choc Berry Jellies
  • Fudge It - Vanilla Nougat
  • Kalleske’s – Peperoni

Why did I choose to operate in South Australia?

I wanted to support local business in the place we had planned to raise our family. 

In ten years time I hope to …

Continue to be doing our bit and support our local producers and small business by encouraging people to choose to purchase Gossip Boxes.

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