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Meet the Marketplace: Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics

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Gemma Vendetta


Meet Gemma from Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics


Type of products I sell:

100% certified Vegan & Cruelty Free, Australian Made Natural Mineral Cosmetics.

Job / day to day tasks:

I do everything relating to my business (at the moment) - from production/packing and distributing products, PR, marketing, online sales, client meetings, customer relations, website and social media management.

Where I started:

I started in 2016, after many hours of research and development, I launched with 8 lipsticks, 4 skin tone foundations, and a 2:1 Bronzer/Blush. Now I have the lipsticks, 5 skin tone foundations, mascara, concealer, blush, eye palettes and highlighter!

What inspired me to start my business?

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, and in 2012 I became a fulltime single mother. Having the diagnosis of MS gave me the realisation that you only live once, and it’s important to savour each day that you have, and becoming a single parent gave me the drive to take the idea of having my own cosmetics to reality.

My top 3 favourite products are:

#1 BB/CC Cream - so versatile, lightweight yet buildable, a staple for every makeup bag!

#2 THE VENDETTA vegan lipstick - its nourishing, high-pigment, never drying or irritating and a bold vintage inspired red/orange statement lipstick.

#3 - 2:1 Bronzer/Blush - its a creamy powder, highly pigmented and suitable for all skin tones, it creates a subtle sheen, with definition and a healthy glow.

Why did I choose to operate in South Australia?

There was no question to set-up and maintain all aspects of the operation in SA, I’ve grown up here, my parents emigrated here in the late 80s, and now I’m raising my son here. Adelaide is a wonderful location to raise a family, it’s a place full of opportunities, with access to incredible food, wine and the Arts. SA is the perfect place to own and operate a business, customers respond warmly and openly to local businesses and are proud to say #IchooseSA!



Gemma Vendetta
Gemma Vendetta