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Meet the Marketplace: DEUX Earrings

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Meet Talia and Alanis from DEUX Earrings


Type of products we sell:

Handmade Australian Statement Earrings

Job / day to day tasks:

Talia (23) is an accountant and Alanis (18) is in her first year of university

Where I started:

We started from a home base and still operate from our home selling from our website where we post out our packages or even offer local pickup.

What inspired us to start our business?

We saw an emergence of statement earrings making their way into the market in May of 2016 (this is when we started the business). Talia wanted a pair for herself so she then decided to make some designs to wear. She then thought why not try and sell them and asked Alanis if she wanted to join. That’s where it all began!

Our top 3 favourite products are:

Why did we choose to operate in South Australia?

We were aware of how there is a market in South Australia that has an appreciation for handmade goods and supporting smaller businesses. We saw this from attending markets such as the Gilles Street Market and Labels Style Market. We also saw just from our friends and family that statement earrings were something that were coming more in demand. 

In ten years time we hope to be…

Hopefully putting our university degrees to very good use and with the extremely positive experience we have had so far from owning DEUX, it is very possible that we will still be owning a business in the future.

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