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Meet the Marketplace: ALCOME.Co

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Alcome Co

Meet Amy and Vee from ALCOME.Co

Type of products we sell:

ALCOME.Co 100% Natural bodycare - handcrafting ethical alternatives to conventional toxic bodycare products.

Proudly handcrafted in small batches in the Adelaide Hills, ALCOME.Co's fresh, plant-based formulas deliver high performance, everyday skin and body care solutions for healthy self-care that is good for you and good for the planet. Our most popular products include our activated charcoal toothpaste, natural deodorant range and lush clay masks. 

ALCOME.Co body care products are natural vegan self-care products for the sustainably minded; we offer eco-friendly and ethical alternatives and with a background in naturopathy and a passion for holistic self-care, ALCOME.Co's range is self-care with no crap and a lot more to stand by. 

Job / day to day tasks:

ALCOME.Co artisan products are made in the Adelaide Hills with fresh, locally sourced natural actives. We hand pour, hand label... well, you get the idea. There is something quite lovely about this process; we consider each and every jar before it leaves our workshop in Nairne, a small community nestled in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Our daily work schedule includes everything from creating our small batches, to pouring, packaging and sending our products to their new home for our customers to enjoy, complete with a thank you note! I also spend time operating day-to-day tasks from my laptop, managing our online stores, keeping in touch with our stockists and bringing our latest offers and events to our customers.

Where we started + what inspired us to start our business?

Amy: There comes a time in your life when you realise that working in a "normal" day job in a crowded city isn't exactly your dream come true. When I was a kid I had dreams of being an artist and a whole heap of imagination about how life would be. I used to love coming up with new ideas; I’d paint, experiment, make potions and collect flowers, I’d help my dad in our garden and sit under the sun all day long. But at some point during the process of growing up I got sidetracked.

So, a couple of years ago, it struck me that I had to do something with my life to change things up and start in a new direction. I wanted my creative dreams and imagination to come out and play. Vee and I took some time off of work, we moved to Carrickalinga Beach, probably one of the most beautiful, pristine places I have ever seen and a true gem of South Australia. Raw, natural beauty, a place where you could connect with nature. And there we started with our very first product; a natural charcoal toothpaste, one of the first of it’s kind in Australia.

We found our first stockist, One Little Sister, Normanville, who from the very start believed in us and our ethos. We went back home and that was it... we fell in love with the idea of running our own little natural bodycare store filled with magical combinations! Everything from the herbal scent, the light feeling on my fingertips, the soothing after effect on my skin, it brings back memories of my grandmother making ointments from the herbs of her garden and fragrances from the lavender and the rosemary we had in the backyard. 

Since our move from the big city to a small town, in a house nestled in the hills, amongst trees and flowers, we have our own garden with fruit trees, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, pumpkins and peppers and two cats, Mikesh and Finnegan, and today two kids with big imaginations can run free and make!

Our top 3 favourite products are:

Bearly There Bi-carb Free Natural Deodorant - it’s is the dark horse of our products and is really starting to become a favourite with our customers. We’ve improved upon our original formula and Bearly There is now silky smooth and golden, it goes on the skin like honey and is bi-carb free and suitable for even the most sensitive skins! Plus, the subtle scent reminds me of clean sheets and roses, it’s a soothing sensory experience in itself.

Black Magik Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste - This was our first, and is still our absolute favourite product, it’s our bestseller and so popular year round! Black Magik was one of the first natural charcoal toothpaste products in Australia and I think the fact that it’s 100% natural is really important to our customers, they don’t want a product that’s going to be abrasive our damage their enamel or contribute to teeth sensitivity, and ours certainly delivers! The fact that our toothpaste is an organic holistic toothpaste that helps to remineralises teeth and clean the mouth whilst also easily removing surface stains is such a win-win and makes your oral care routine so simple!

Unicorn Brightening Clay Mask - Pink clay is SO popular right now! Our clay blend is gentle but effective and I love this mask because it’s suitable for pretty much all skin types, it’s so versatile and I’m happy to recommend it to everyone. Our clay blend boosts skin cell turnover and invigorates blood circulation to the face, helping skin to look fresh and glowy all year round! During summer, it’s a great product to balance oil and heal problem skin too.  I recommend using this mask once to twice a week to steadily improve the appearance of dull or problem skin, plus, The Unicorn packaging and floral jasmine and musk inspired fragrance are always a hit! 

Why did I choose to operate in South Australia?

South Australia was a natural choice for us! We’re locals and we wanted to make products that our friends and family would love and after looking at what was available, realized that there was a lack of homegrown talent in the body care field so it happened quite organically. One thing we’re so grateful for is how South Australian’s have gotten behind our small business and the sense of community that exists, we couldn’t have gotten this far without the support of our beautiful stockists and local customers! 

In ten years time I hope to be…

Amy: I hope to have Alcome.Co products all over Australia and be a leader in innovative natural bodycare solutions whilst also running a zero-waste and sustainability business! There is so much potential for natural products and in recent years customers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of what they put on their skin so our imagination is the only limit I can see!

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