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Meet the Artist: Daniel Wells-Smith

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Name: Daniel Wells-Smith

Shop South Australia T-Shirt Design: Nowhere Else

Current occupation: Student / Freelance Graphic Designer

I entered the South Australian T-Shirt Design Competition because:

It was a good opportunity to try out some new ideas and techniques. I haven’t entered any design competitions before so I thought I’d try my luck with this one.

In 10 years I hope to be:

A successful designer who is able to travel through work opportunities. I think being able to travel and learn from other people from all around the world would be a great benefit.

My design was inspired by:

The “Nowhere Else” concept came from growing up in rural South Australia. Driving around all over the place to play sport or visit friends and family, so street signs seemed fitting to represent different regions of SA. 

Why do I choose to work and live in South Australia?

Because of great friends, family and its just a cruisey place to be. It’s a diverse state which has everything that you’d want or need.

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Nowhere Else

Nowhere Else