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Meet the Artist: Chris Clifford

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Name: Chris Clifford

Shop South Australia T-Shirt Design: Ochre Brushed 

Current occupation: Design Student at TAFE SA 

I entered the Shop South Australia T-Shirt Design Competition because:

It was actually a suggestion from one of the design lecturers at TAFE SA. It seemed like a really good opportunity to design something that represents South Australia and the lifestyle we enjoy here. I didn’t really give myself much possibility of winning, so the win came as a pretty large surprise. I still find it strange to think that there are people out there wearing my design.

In 10 years I hope to be:

I’m currently still studying, so I’m looking forward to graduating and finding work in the design industry or similar creative field. I’ve also recently been enjoying photography, and would love to incorporate this into my future work. I guess the simple answer is that in 10 years I hope to be enjoying whatever I happen to be doing, wherever that happens to be.

My design was inspired by:

Originally I was a bit lost trying to capture so much of SA in one design. There’s so much to our state that trying to visually represent all these ideas was proving to be quite a challenge.

I decided to focus our food, wine, festivals and culture and try and tie these ideas together in a way that was inclusive of the whole state.

Why do I choose to work and live in South Australia?

I’ve grown up here, my family is here and I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

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